Happy Birthday to me! It’s my 27th birthday today and to celebrate I did a mix and match mani that also fit in with the last promt from #teebeejunenailart! Smokey gradient done using #Essie Chinchilly and #Ulta3 Black Satin, bats stamping with #emilydemolly Chasing Rainbows using #bundlemonster plate #bmh08 over Black Satin and a super blinged nail of a lovely custom polish I named Holy F*ck from the lovely Tara at #lokislacquer. #nails #nailpolish #nailart


Watching Markiplier’s chairty livestream right now.Wanted to doodle something(and i know everyone and their moms probs drawn them hitting themselves already but,so far that is the bit had me laughing the most).Also,I know Mark said his bro doesn’t like being on the camera,so I hope this isn’t crossing the line or something but,I wanted to add him in the pic cause he looks so much like my fuckin uncle Beer.Beer’s not really my uncle’s name,it’s a nickname,cause I have no idea how to say or write his Laotian name.Now I gotta try to remember how to do things to twitter….


This video reel makes me wonder how often really spectacular practical effects have been misidentified as “shitty cg” by people who like to cry about anything that doesn’t look like Harryhausen Dynamation.

Because I’m very sure I’ve heard those sort of comments directed towards a lot of the creatures showcased here when they appeared in their respective films.

(via upstartgeek)