Take 1
Bruce: Well aren’t you gonna unwrap it.
Jeffrey: What? [bursts out laughing] What did you say?
Bruce: Aren’t you gonna unwrap it?
Coby: He said “Aren’t you gonna unwraaap it?”
Bruce: It was a little weird delivery.
Take 2
Bruce: Aren’t you gonna unwrap it? [Jeffrey bursts out laughing again] Is that better? 
Jeffrey: Sorry. Oh I know you’re still rolling. You’re mining gold here.
Take 3
Jeffrey: This is great.
Bruce: Well unwrap it.
Jeffrey: [dissolves into giggles again]
Bruce: It was different. You wanted something different.
Jeffrey: I was trying to get used to that one you’re doing. Don’t change it up!
Coby: That was awesome.
Jeffrey: Hold on…. we should cut.  

I miss this adorable dork!

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